1. While wielding a two melee weapons Combot deals a 150% of thier average damage with every hit. Does not matter if Combot will hit this target one weapon by another or execute two hits at once. For example two Power Fist will deal about 60 energy based damage while separated will deal 40 damage each.

2. Combod armed with ranged weapons will always deal full damage because each hand attacks separatly.

3. Projectiles of any kind can miss thier original targets if any object will cross thier path.

4. Overall numbers for every faction Combots are equal to:

|MilAgro |cost - 6915 |durability - 2307 |def k - 79% |def e - 164% |ranged k - 216 |ranged e - 40 |hth k - 132 |hth e - 11

|Neuropa |cost - 7325 |durability - 2807 |def k - 166% |def e - 84% |ranged k - 51 |ranged e - 240 |hth k - 31 |hth e - 135

|Rimtech |cost - 7260 |durability - 2746 |def k - 121% |def e - 137% |ranged k - 123 |ranged e - 81 |hth k - 100 |hth e - 76

It proves that MilAgro are not that hard to kill like everybody thinks. Neuropa and Rimtech can take much more punishment even without thier shields. They have also slightly higher overall resistance to damage. This is Rimtech who have the most powerful melee attack - MilAgro is in third place. Rimtech also have the best torso and Neuropa has best legs. They both also have strong arms, only couple points behind MilAgro. Of course Hammer Arm is much more resilient and deal more damage that other tier 3 parts but its also much more expensive that its counterparts.

5. You can bring back deletet MilAgro shield if you will research one of shields from other corporations.

6. If you have problem with launching ingame cutscenes you can drag them from your TBD folder wich is contained on both CD. If you have problem with game soundtrack you can use following instruction:

7. There is a Hedoth Combot in center of custom map called M8_26 The Prize.

8. High trained crews provides following bonuses to damage: |level two - 25% |level three - 45% |level four - 65% |level five - 85%

9. You can queue your build orders and commands while holding shift. Also if you put HoverVeh on patrol it will repair everything and collect body parts thats lay on it's path.

10. Combot created from the best parts cannot defeat Combots created from lower grade parts for the same cost.