A short summary of Neuropa

Neuropa is the most enigmatic of all the three CorpoNations at war, currently dominating Hedoth III and fronted by Jonus Angelus. Neuropa's Combots focus on stealth, alternative melee tactics, and speed. Their Combots are designed for guerilla tactics, where speed plays a more important role than power.


A Neuropa Combot

Some of their unique technology is the Electro-Arm, which electrifies opponents in close range combat, as well as... the Camouflage Torso, which makes the equipped Combot and nearby units invisible to the enemy. Neuropa is the only Corpo-Nation to have any Camo technology.

The Speed Legs, which allow equipped Combots to traverse land much faster than with other legs, excluding Rimtech's Jet Boots.

The Self Repair Torso, as said in the name, allows Combots to repair themselves. Neuropa is the only Corpo Nation to have Self Repair technology.

"In a way, they are almost more alien than the technology which all three seek to seize."


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