Mobile Wall
Rimtech's variant






Vehicle Factory




Obstruct units path. Build turrets.

Defense Points % (K/E)







The Mobile Wall is a Structure responsible for obstruct or block other units paths and can also serve as a base for attacking turrets.

Unlike any other structure, althought very slowy, Mobile Walls can move. They will also join together and form wall barricades between them if in correct place.

Behavior Edit

After built, the mobile wall will move and snap to the structure grid.

Clicking a mobile wall will show on the other walls, in green, the specific points where it can stand to form the connection between them. So the wall can be even moved after built to make a connection. Keep in mind that mobile walls have 0/0 % of defense while moving , even within the range of a Defense Grid, making them a very vulnerable target in the process.

Once they are in place for connecting, a barricade will instantly form between the walls also blocking units paths. This will destroy any unit in the process even combots with full health. If other mobile wal or structure is between the two, the barricade will not form. The barricade can be dismantled if one of the connecting walls is destroyed or moved.

It's possible to build determined turrets by clicking their respective icons and once ready, they will appear on top of the mobile wall.

Turrets Edit

Three kinds of turrets can be selected and are avaliable to all playable factions:

  • Cannon / Gun Turret

Rimtech's Gun Turret

Cost: 400 MJ ; 3 MP

Damage (K/E): 25/5

Medium fire rate, high damage. Shots slow projectiles that have height and can trespass other near walls and barricates.

  • Laser Turret

Rimtech's Laser Turret

Lost: 400 MJ ; 3 MP

Damage (K/E): 6/12

High fire rate, Medium damage. Shots fast projectiles. Consider spacing since the shots are often blocked by

  • Anti-Air / Missile Pod

Rimtech's Missile Pod

Cost: 250 MJ ; 5 MP

Damage (K/E): 12/2

As the name suggests, it shots homing projectiles only at air units also including flying combots. Even with low damage, this turret its very effective.

Bugs Edit

In the Underground Layer, after a barricade is formed, if a mobile wall is moved or destroyed, the path will continue to be blocked even though with the barricade desapearing, as if it still there.