A short summary of Mil-Agro

Mil-Agro is one of the three warring CorpoNations, with their battle force currently stationed on Hedoth II, led by Stefan Angelus.

Milagro Pilot

A Mil-Agro Combot Pilot

"Let the strong survive, and the meek provide fuel for our engines." That is the general attitude of Mil-Agro. They are the warmongers of the world, and will stop at nothing to secure the power represented by Hedoth technology... as well as throwing off the shackles of CorpoNation oppression in favor of the Republic, as shown at the twilight of the CorpoNation War. In fact, they love to fight, as a general rule. It's somewhat of a nightmare to fight a deadly war when your opponent is joyfully hooting and hollering the whole way through.

What Mil-Agro lacks in mobility makes up for in striking power. They are known to favour short-range and melee weaponry over "cowardly" long-range weapons systems. While they do employ some tactics, the core of their way of combat is wading out into battle with battleaxe in combot hand, killing whatever gets close enough.

Including the Hedoth Dominion and the other Angelus brothers, if need be.

Metal Fatigue Milagro ending

Metal Fatigue Milagro ending.

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