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Hi. its not true that shield is not good chice for ranged unit. I grants the same durability and defense bonus agains enemy ranged attacs so it can fulfil it`s role.

Like I wrote, ranged combots are not meant to fire upon in the first place. You'd rather give it health it won't use anyway or more firepower?,
U know, I played games when some tanks, turrets and other combos have shoot to my combots so despite that it is not the best way of use shields it is NOT bad idea also. You are not seeing the whole picture. There is more in strategy game than firepower and close combat like you described. For example p-shield alone allow combot to take 5 shots from sniper arm for 150MJ and it is fast in production. That is incredibly good outcome when you are playing mutliplayer instead of fighting cpu where you have unlimited money and lots of spare time.


Getting back into playing this, possibly, and wondering what the state of this wiki is.  You seem to be the only reasonably active admin - yet there has been almost no activity recently.  Is the founder or a bureacrat around? Why is the general state of this wiki so rough?  Just curious...  Dsurian 04:38, January 16, 2013 (UTC)

To tell you the truth, I found this wiki nearly a year ago and got unexpectedly bumped to admin when I made a bunch of fairly high-quality edits; the site founder probably saw me as someone who knows what he's doing (which is sort-of-true) and made me admin because of it. I have no clue whatsoever about the rest of the staff; I believe the wiki is in its current state simply because the game itself is quite obscure, not drawing enough attention from high-quality editors.
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