The Hedoth Tank is a powerful vehicle generally found guarding Hedoth Structures and are hostile to the player.


Like the Combot, the Hedoth Tank is stronger than any other vehicle in the game save for combots. The tanks share the regenerating ability of their combots brothers along with enhanced defence being set at 45 for both values.


Unlike the CorpoNation Tanks the Hedoth Tanks resemble spider like creatures and physically walk.

They are armed with a rapid-fire energy weapon which is capable of tearing through ground and air units alike, when in groups of 4 or more they can take down even the strongest of combots.

They cannot be built or captured by the player.


A favoured tactic against these tanks, particulary on the underground level is to distract them with tanks and missile cars while you get a nemesis truck in close proximity as the splash damage caused by the trucks deal a fair bit of damages to the tanks.