Metal Fatigue

A Rimtech Combot, piloted by Jonus Angelus, equipped with a Katana and a Hedoth Arm.

The Hedoth Dominion is a warlike Alien species thought extinct by the human race and much stronger in force than any of the CorpoNations combined. Their technology surpasses all known human technology, and in the game their tanks seem to have 3/4th the health of an average Combot. Plus, Hedoth combots have 10000 health altogether, and are also the strongest in the game.

In the days of old, before the three CorpoNations arrived at their home system, if any sentient race were to dare wage war with the Hedoth, they wouldn't last a day, much less seconds against the Dominion's combot corps.

As Man learned the hard way at the end of the CorpoNation War, the Hedoth were merely playing dead for their combat test, letting the CorpoNations duplicate their Overseer technology and master the rudiments of their hi-tech weaponry to the point humanity is ready to learn obedience.

Obedience as soldiers of the Hedoth, who will grow as never before.


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