This is a list of all the noteable characters in Metal Fatigue.

Minor CharactersEdit

Bran Hansen - The Command Tactical Officer (CTO) of Rimtech, and Diego's direct superior. The two maintain a decent report until Diego begins his downward slope of vengeance.

Issadora Toltec - A highly skilled Combot pilot, she is transfered under Diego's command after the loss of his brothers. They become fast friends, professionally fluid, and eventually lovers.

Brik Cob - A Senior Taskmaster (comparable to a Rimtech STO) for Mil-Agro, and Stefan's new superior. Being a member of the Cob family, he's a purveyor of the ruthless Mil-Agro stereotype, though Stefan eventually changes his outlook.

Akiri - A 'green' Mil-Agro Combot pilot placed under the command of Stefan. His dedication and loyalty puts him above the rest, and eventually becomes Stefans protege.

Zeke Cob - As the patriarch of the Cob family, he's the ruler of Mil-Agro and the final decider of its operations. Mil-Agro's cruel and brazen tactics seem to radiate from his personality.

Komrov - A celebrated Neuropa philosopher and warrior, he is assigned to Jonus, not to interfere with his command but to guide him using the Neuropan faith.  He is invaluable to Jonus' success, and they quickly become friends.

Main CharactersEdit

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