Rimtech buildings

Builings, also called Structures, are considered foundations built by Hover Trucks, appart from Hedoth buildings also known as Alien Enhancers (which have no known in-game builder) and includes Elevators (which are built by Drill Trucks) and have distinct purposes throughout the game.

Some structures have other structures as prerequisites and become available as you build them, working as a tech tree. Until that occurs, unavailable structures icons will remain "grayed out" in the Options Window.

Also, some of them have Layer restriction.

Properties Edit

All structures in the game have the following properties:

MetaJoules Cost Edit

(Shown as "MJ") It's the required cost of the building in order for it to be "build" and become operational. If there is not enough MetaJoules, the progress will be paused and will be resumed once it's avaliable.

ManPower Cost Edit

(Shown as "MP") It's the required cost in order for it to be finished and/or fully operational. If there is no ManPower avaliable, the structure will not be finished and will be stuck at 99% of the progress until ManPower becomes avaliable again. This will also happens with Mobile Wall turrets deployment.

Health Points Edit

(Shown as "Damage") It's the amout of damage a structure can take before it gets destroyed. The only way to recover health points of a structure is by repairing it with a Hover Truck.

Defense Percentage Edit

(Shown as "Def%") Value of damage reduction. The reduction is caculated separately depending of the nature of the attack dividing the shielding in knectic-based or energy-based. The value can be boosted by 30% if the structure is inside a Defense Grid.

Operational Mode Edit

(Shown only by visual clues) Behavior of the structure based on the ManPower level.

  • Full On: (Normal visual) The structure will work as it supposed to.
  • Auto On: (Dark visual, flashing black) Response to not enough ManPower avaliable. The structure will work slower as it supposed to and their defense percentage will be negatively affected, turning 0/0 even inside a defense grid.
  • Off / Evac mode: (Darker visual) Turned by option. The structure will not work and all progress will be paused until the structure is turned on again. This will cut the demand of ManPower by the structure making it avaliable somewhere else. Their defense percentage will also be negatively affected, turning 0/0 even inside a defense grid.

Building Process Edit

After the structure is selected to be built, a preview model will be shown on the terrain instead of the players cursor and then can be right-clicked in order to send a building task. The structure foundation will not appear in the terrain until the tasked unit starts the process.

Different colors of the preview model will give different informations:

  • Green: The structure will be built inside a green defense grid.
  • Yellow: The structure will be built outside a defense grid.
  • Red: The terrain is not suitable for placement / Structure not allowed in this layer.

Structres can only be built over proper terrain and the task will not be executed even if a tile of the structure/terrain grid is not apprropriate.

Once de process starts, a flat foundation of the structure will appear allowing other hover trucks or drill trucks to build too. A value in MetaJoules, determined by the structure, will be continuously consumed until the construction is finished. If the builders left the structure in the middle of the process, so there is none, it will "deconstruct" slowly returning the MetaJoules back to the pool and reverting the progess bar. If it gets below 0%, the foundation desapears. Any builder can construct at a foundation at any moment. This foundations have 0/0 % of defense until the process end, making the building vulnerable to attacks.

A good trick is to task a hovertruck and wait for it to build the foundation then use drill trucks to continue the building, since they are faster.

If there is no ManPower available, the structure will not be finished and will be stuck at 99% of the progress until ManPower becomes available again.

Building List Edit

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